The Burning Sands


Assassination, treasure, and senseless murder

Having lost a few days recovering from their wounds, they pushed themselves hard to catch up with the caravan, travelling along the road towards Raam for the better part of a week. Traversing the mountainous region south of the Dragon’s Bowl, they saw signs of tarek raiding parties, and guessed they’d have left the caravan alone due to the number of armed guards. They kept a watch out for any opportunistic raiders, and so were not surprised when a party of tareks sprung out at them from a rocky area just uphill from the main track. Their shaman made the earth rise up against the PCs, clutching at their feet, and shaking them to their knees, while the raiders charged in close with their deadly heartpicks. Each of the party had a close brush with death during the battle, but in the end it was the tareks who fell. Traveling onward, they came within sight of the caravan in the far distance, a few days later. They decided to wait for nightfall and attack under cover of darkness.

Meanwhile, the famed former gladiator known as "Ballsmasher" had decided to travel from Raam back to Tyr, where his status as a freed slave would be respected instead of constantly questioned. Seeing a large group with three skiffs heading towards him, he stayed on the road just long enough to discern the House Tsalaxa livery on the guards, then quietly skirted the group, well off into the desert. House Tsalaxa had sold him into slavery years ago, and though he wanted his revenge he decided that a party of two dozen guards would be too much to take on. Farther up the road, however, he ran across the party following the caravan. They were only too happy to have another hand for the attack, so the group brought him in on the plan.

Once darkness had falled and the majority of the guards had pulled out their bedrolls and drifted off, Traven skulked through the darkness to the outer ring of six guards. Silently, he slipped inside their watch and one by one he slit their throats. Being careful to avoid the two better-armored guard captains on watch, he brought down four of the watchers before one of the captains heard a muffled cry from the last. The captain’s shouts brought the whole camp to attention, but the rest of the party was already in their midst, having slipped through the gap Traven had made in their line. While the sleeping guards staggered to their feet, Thoradin summoned clouds of insects to swarm them, stinging several of them to death. Behind him, Lamont fought off several of the guards and one of their captains, eventually being knocked unconscious by their assault. On the edges of the camp, Ballsmasher and Brick teamed up on one of the captains, quickly dropping him before moving on to the others. Brick was a whirlwind of death, cutting through guards and captains with equal ferocity, which Ballsmasher and Thoradin tried to keep Lamont safe. Traven, meanwhile, was surrounded by one of the guard squads and their captain, but he fought back fiercly and killed the captain and several of the guards.

After the battle they managed to revive Lamont, and rested at the camp for the night. The following morning, they sent Brick to Raam to find a skiff pilot since they were a man short to pilot all three skiffs. He found it was easy enough to hire a pilot for the promise of 10 sticks on reaching Tyr. Once they had the necessary manpower to control the skiffs, they set out for Tyr. On the way back they stopped at the aaracokra village again and presented the tribe with a gift – the tabards of the slain Tsalaxa guards, which the tribe’s shaman took gratefully. After ten days, nearing the city of Tyr, they quietly killed the hired guard in the night and hid his body, so as to keep the treasure all for themselves. The following day, the caravan gate of Tyr came into sight in the distance.



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