Starting the game

Your origin story

The campaign will begin in the small trade post of Altaruk in the Tablelands. For the near future it will deal with a trade war between merchant houses, with multiple sides all looking for a rumored lost city filled with treasures from the ancient days.

What brought you to Altaruk, and where do you want to go from here? Following are some likely origin stories.

Don’t take the suggestions for stories (or the associated character types) as set in stone – they’re just suggestions. Feel free to modify one or suggest something else. Once you’ve chosen or come up with an origin story, talk to me about it so we can modify it and/or hash out details if necessary.

Suggested character types are in red

You’re a member or employee of the merchants of House Wavir
  • Martial: You signed up as a caravan guard a few years back, and you’ve made a decent living at it. You get to travel, you get to fight, and the pay’s not bad. On the other hand, you’re getting tired of the same trek between Tyr and Balic, and you’d like a chance to apply your skills to something more interesting.
  • Psionic: You’re a noble, son or daughter of one of the many branches of House Wavir. You were raised in Balic, but you always wanted to see the wider world, so after your graduation from the Academy of the Way you asked to be assigned to a wasteland outpost for a few years. You were sent to Altaruk to work for the head of the Wavir outpost there – a dwarf named Rhotan Vor, who has an excellent reputation in the House as a man who knows his way around the wastelands.
You’re involved with the Veiled Alliance
  • Arcane: You’ve always been careful – you never used your power to defile. That didn’t matter to the people in your village when they realized you were using arcane magic. You were nearly killed, but you managed to escape. You’ve heard tales of the Veiled Alliance, and you’re searching for a way to connect with them – either to shield yourself or to help the cause. In the meantime, you’re going to need a way to get by.
  • Any: You’re not a magic-user yourself, but someone close to you was killed for being an mage. Maybe you avenged yourself on their killers, and had to leave your home. Maybe you’re on the run from the Templars for being connected with a mage. Either way, finding the Veiled Alliance and offering your services to them would be a good way to honor the memory of your lost loved one while finding some security for yourself.
You’re a former slave
  • Martial: You were a terror in the arena, felling all who stood against you. You held the champion’s crown long enough that eventually they gave you your freedom. They said it was to honor you for your bravery and skill, but you suspect that it was just to give some other poor bastard a chance at the top. All you know is the rush of battle, and the best place to find that is as an adventurer. Your travels have brought you to Altaruk. If you’re lucky, maybe soon you’ll find something to challenge you.
  • Any: You were a slave in Tyr for as long as you can remember. Maybe you worked as a laborer, building the Ziggurat of Kalak. Maybe you were one of the educated slaves, serving as a tutor to some noble’s brat. Either way, with Kalak’s fall and the freeing of Tyrian slaves, you find yourself without a purpose for the first time in your life. Perhaps you just want to see the world, or you might have some larger purpose in mind, but you’re going to need people you can trust at your side if you want to last long out here.
You’re a templar
  • Any: You were a templar of Kalak, until his fall from power. Maybe you left to spread hope to the other city-states, or to the people in the wastes, that the age of the Sorcerer-Kings is coming to an end. Maybe you were just happy for an opportunity to leave in the chaos following Kalak’s fall. Regardless, when they realize you’re missing, they’ll certainly send someone after you. Maybe they already have. When they catch up with you, you’re going to need to be prepared. That requires money, and hopefully backup.
You’re a wandering adventurer.
  • Any: You were following rumors of a lost city filled with treasure when your partner was pulled through some sort of portal in a partly buried ruin. You’re trying to rescue your partner, either because they were the only real friend you had or because they actually knew something about this rumored city and they’re your only hope of finding it. Either way, you’re going to need money to fund another expedition, and you’re going to need to recruit help – people you can trust.
  • Primal: You’ve always believed that the key to preserving or even restoring your dying world might lie in one of the ancient ruins from before the Desert Age. The only problem is, exploring the ruins by yourself is a great way to get killed.

Starting the game

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