Treasure Parcels

Favor is tracked separately

Magic items

Money and wealth

  • a fire opal in a silver setting, worth 195 sticks
  • 100 sticks of various currencies
  • 100 Balican sticks (reward from Rhotan Vor)
  • 20 Tyrian sticks (from Iseel and her brother, for delivering the letter)
  • 50 Tyrian sticks (from Toramund, for killing the Crimson Vipers)
  • 40 Tyrian sticks (in the obelisk chamber of the Madar Vault)

From the Vault of Darom Madar:

  • 10,386 sticks
  • 1350 sticks worth of metal coins
  • 619 sticks from selling the two weapons to Grik


  • 1450 sticks to furnish the office in Tyr
  • 400 sticks and 100 in metal to the Tyrian templars as a bribe
  • 900 sticks for four crodlu mounts


  • 4 survival days

Treasure Parcels

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