The setting, in brief

A blazing crimson sun. Furnace heat and endless desert. The ruins of a fallen civilization from a better age. Every day a struggle to survive. Athas is a dying world, but life goes on, for now.

The sorcerer-kings rule the city-states with absolute power. In the wastelands, life is freer but also harsh and short. Anywhere you go, slavery is a fact of life. Metal of any kind is scarce and precious.

With the recent revolution in the city-state of Tyr, the sorcerer-king Kalak has been removed from power and the Tyrian slaves have been freed. How this will impact life elsewhere in the region is still an open question.

Lately, rumors are flying of a previously-unknown ruined city somewhere in the deep desert. Supposedly, it’s full of metal and other fabulous treasures of a previous age. If the rumors are confirmed, it’s going to be a bloodbath as everyone from merchant houses to the sorcerer-kings themselves try to take control of this place.

The game

Players, make sure you’re aware of the House Rules we’re using.

The Burning Sands

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