The Burning Sands

Sand Raiders

The desert is a harsh place

Guy Wiltleaf, Hope, Kaiju, and Traven Shadowplague set out from Altaruk to find a lost wagon and its cargo belonging to House Wavir, on the promise of a reward of 100 sticks. A mile or two north of the walls, they were set upon by silt runner ambushers. Guy was paralyzed by a darter’s blowgun and felled by a rager’s spear, while the rest of the party fought a desperate battle against two more ragers and a second darter. Bloodied and battered, they managed to kill two of the ragers, and the rest of the silt runners ran off. Lucky for the group, their ambushers weren’t expecting resistance.

They gathered what they could from their fallen companion’s corpse and dragged themselves back to Altaruk to rest and try to find someone to replace Guy. Hope met a dwarven druid named Thoradin in one of Altaruk’s bars, who agreed to join them in exchange for a share of the reward.

Setting off again in the evening, they traveled several miles before coming upon the lost wagon, swarming with kruthiks. The party’s approach alerted the creatures, who eagerly attacked – hopeful for a meal. Thoradin and Traven ended the battle unconscious and dying, but Hope and Kaiju managed to tend to their wounds, and after a rest the party examined the area. The wagon was empty of cargo, and the draft animals had snapped their traces and run off, but off to the north Thoradin found silt runner tracks and signs that several things had been dragged away.

Heading north following the tracks, the group came upon the ruins of an ancient tower, mostly broken and buried in the sands. Finding a stairway leading down, they discovered a pair of massive stone doors with torchlight leaking out through the cracks. Something was clearly moving around inside, but they were unable to learn any more than that. Slamming wide the doors, they surprised the silt runners and their ssurran leader. With the help of surprise and a coordinated attack, they quickly dispatched their foes.

They found three wagon drivers tied up in a corner, along with most of the goods from the caravan. The guards, grateful for being rescued from a gruesome death, told their saviors that the ssurran had been trying to open one of the ancient sarcophagi scattered around the tomb. Working together, the group managed to open it – among the bones they found a pair of Flame Bracers [level 3] and a gem in a silver setting.

Working with the drivers, the group hauled the cargo back to the wagon, and hauled the wagon back to Altaruk. They met a grateful Rhotan Vor, the dwarf who had hired them for the job, who gave them their reward plus a bonus of a survival day each, and his gratitude. He then told them that he had another job for them, if they were interested.

He explained that he’d potentially discovered the location of the Vault of Darom Madar, the legendary lost treasure of a now-dead merchant house. He offered them very generous terms (their pick of any treasure the vault might contain, plus a 10 percent share of the total once they reach Tyr) if they’d scout for his caravan and protect him and his employees on the trip to the vault, and from there back to Tyr. Of course, the vault may not exist, and other groups will certainly be looking for it as well…


9/11 Guy Whitleaf we will never forget

Sand Raiders

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